Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Change Default Landing Page for TS Web Access

Windows Server 2008 contains a plethora of new features associated with Terminal Server. A new key component is Terminal Services Web Access, a Citrix Web-Interface-like interface that provides web-based access to applications published via Terminal Services RemoteApp.

By default, when an authorized user connects to the server, they are dropped to the "RemoteApp Programs" tab by default. There are times, however, when you don't use RemoteApp in your environment, or you want the users to be send to the "Remote Desktop" tab by default instead.

Changing the default tab is very easy. In the default configuration, a user browses to:
The default page actually redirects the user to:
If you open the IIS manager on the terminal server, you'll notice that the default page in the TS virtual app is default.aspx. Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to the file location for default.aspx, which is c:\Windows\Web\ts.

Open the file in your favorite text editor, like notepad or Notepad++.

At around line 13, you'll find the bit that needs to change, shown in bold in the codebox below.

<%@ Page Language="C#" %>
void goToFolder(string getLangVal)
Response.Redirect(getLangVal + "/default.aspx" + Request.Url.Query,true);

Change the text that reads default.aspx to read desktops.aspx.

That's it! After saving this file, and exiting your text editor, your users should now be receiving the Remote Desktop tab, rather than the RemoteApp Programs tab.

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